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JRPGfan said:
Hynad said:

They don’t favour MS. They do some of the most fair analysis of that kind. What you call their bias is in fact yours, not theirs. Sometime, the analysis just don’t go the way you wish it did. 

My reply:

JRPGfan said:

also how come DF doesn't mention stuff like this:

or that there is a bug that sometimes hurts PS5, but its not consistant:

Cutscene that drops to 46fps, re-trested and runs 60fps same spot:


Also Xbox Series S does support Raytraceing (DF said it didn't) (or choose not to show it).

"Ray Tracing is avaible on Series S

Apparently, you need to correctly download the right file packs to get the Ray Traced shadows to appear in game. Digital Foundry incorrectly stated in their video that RT isn’t available in the Series S version, however that just isn’t true. Here’s a source for downloading the packs:

And here’s some gameplay of a mission showing Ray Traced shadows at the very beginning of the mission from the helicopter:

Compare the last video with the footage Digital Foundry had, I think it’s clear they don’t have the correct files downloaded, which would be understandable considering there’s a bug preventing someone from downloading all the files correctly (apparently). Hopefully they make a updated video, or maybe someone can tweet at them about it? Regardless Ray Tracing is there. Also, there’s also a “HD Texture” pack as well that can be downloaded. If Digital Foundry checks out this thread, please download that as well. Thanks!"   -CITY_F0X

DF might not be useing HD texture pack (on one or both?), and forgot to download Raytraceing pack for the Xbox series S.

*face palm*


VG Tech analyseing head to head footage:

60 FPS mode:

1. XSX = Mean frame rate 60 FPS | 16.67 ms at 99.99%
2. PS5 = Mean frame rate 59.99 FPS | 16.67 ms at 99.96%

120 FPS mode:

1. XSX = Mean frame rate 114.93 FPS | 8.33 ms at 91.9%
2. PS5 = Mean frame rate 117.02 FPS | 8.33 ms at 94.15%


Statistically theres a 0.04% (4/100ths of a %) differnce, in which holds 60fps better.

Do you get that from watching the DF video?
Or do they cherry pick the probably only 2 instances where PS5 runs worse than the XSX in the game and show that? (which could be bug related)

You wouldn't think both run almost constant 60fps from watching the DF video.

Here is 16mins of gameplay footage with both at locked 60fps:

Watch that and tell me if you think DF are being fair in their reporting.

Hesitated quoting this because the quote tree is so massive, but that's very interesting. I have seen people claiming bias on N4G in the past, but don't know enough about the situation to comment on it.

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