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eva01beserk said:
Too_Talls said:

their guess is that it still runs at about 1200P which is more than enough. 1080 has been the standard for seeing for a while, the option to output a higher resolution has been there for a while, most people stuck to 1080p with more frames as opposed to bumping up the res.

framerate > resolution, ask any competitive player they will take the frames over resolution everytime, so long as the resolution is at least 1080. of course 720 and 120 frames wouldn't do anyone any good, but 1200P + 120fps > 4k 60.

And trust me, if the option to lower that res further to push more frames, many people would do that, but unfortunately these boxes cap off at 120Hz

ON PC. That competitive scene doesn't go much to consoles, and even if the consoles offered that option, they would not abandon PC where they have even better options and can actually have high res and high framerate. 

the logic is the same. as yourself why 1080p monitors with 240Hz refresh rates were still being released after 4k and 1440 were already a thing.

regardless of the power of the PC, you get more frames, at lower resolutions, and lower resolutions are often chosen on PC, why in the same games, would a console player not also choose higher frame rates at lower res? the game is cross platform now, so you play PC players anyways, may as well do what they have proven leads to better results.

I won't argue against PC having better options, but even so, when optimizing a PC game for frame rate, lowering the res is usually the best thing to do to increase the frame rate. And also on PC 1080p is often chosen to push as many frames as possible EVEN THOUGH a powerful PC may be strong enough to run high frames at a high res.

lastly most PC players don't have those ultra-powerful PC's so you shouldn't generalize PC gamers based on the most expensive setups that exists.

^Yes that's me ripping it up in the GIF. :)