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Too_Talls said:
JRPGfan said:

also DF are late with their videos, for weeks we've been hearing people say it runs better on PS5.
DF basically had to cherry pick 2 minor instances, where they found the XSX to run better than PS5 and show that, while other videos from other 3rd party have actually found area's where the xsx runs worse (hence why this game was said to run better on the PS5).

Seems like cherry-pick your console war to me. take whatever side you favor more at believe the sections of videos they uploaded and the validity of what THEIR graphs show.

For me whether it fits my bias narrative or not, if there are conflicting reports, I'll put more weight on whatever the report is from DF over the new kids on the block, as DF has been doing this stuff for years, and have earned the credibility miles over anyone else attempting to enter this space of content.

Aside from the credibility of the content creator knowing what they're doing and having the right tools to do so, there is this shroud of narrative interests. And over the years, I've seen DF report big wins for both sides, at this point, I have no reason to believe they'd try to swing the narrative in any other direction than what is factual. As for the new kids, I don't know their agenda or their body of work, so I'm not finna jump on their wagon if it's contradictory to what DF reports JUST BECAUSE I like their verdict more.

Its not a "pick which ever side you believe more".
You cannot argue with facts.

Facts are DF showed 2 instances where the XSX ran better.

However thats not the entire story.

Look at this video :  around 16mins of head to head compairson between XSX and PS5.
Both run locked 60fps for the entire thing.

You have to believe your own eyes right?
Theres a graph here that shows, the results.

What DF says when it shows 2 small instances that last a few secounds.... doesnt matter, when you yourself can watch 16min+ of footage of both running the same damn locked 60fps.

if you run a few hours of footage, and analyse the FPS both run at.... you end up reaching something like this:

60 FPS mode:

1. XSX = Mean frame rate 60 FPS | 16.67 ms at 99.99%
2. PS5 = Mean frame rate 59.99 FPS | 16.67 ms at 99.96%

120 FPS mode:

1. XSX = Mean frame rate 114.93 FPS | 8.33 ms at 91.9%
2. PS5 = Mean frame rate 117.02 FPS | 8.33 ms at 94.15%


Its a differnce of 0.03%-0.04% or so between the two in terms of which holds 60fps better.

DF found two super rare instances of dips... and choose to show that.

4/100'th of a % = a tie imo.

Both are what I'd call solid 60fps.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 24 November 2020