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SvennoJ said:

Imo 120 fps is just as much a waste of resources as native 4K. I've seen the difference between native 120 fps and re-projected 60 fps on PSVR and I have to look at rotating helicopter blades and fences zooming by on the sides to notice the difference.

It depends on the games you play, if you're only playing cod for the campaign it may be a waste, but the MP playing 120 vs 60 is night and day. It adds to response times, when people can die in milliseconds, every millisecond matters, and at 120 you would see an enemy pop out faster than 60Hz would show, and the image stays smoother in motion so if you have to track and shoot at a moving target, you will be more accurate @120Hz. Basically, 120hz is for competitive players. on PC, we've been turning down the graphics to get more frames for years, play a day @60 and then 120 the next day, you just end up doing better with more frames.

^Yes that's me ripping it up in the GIF. :)