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eva01beserk said:

Seems like we found our trend for the gen. RT on will favour the xbox and RT off will favour the ps5. At this game at least both are virtually the same anyways as both only strrugle during set pieces but gamplay seem solid in all versions and modes. As someone who favours the ps5, ima take the loss as I have zero interest in high framerate. Im 100% in for image quality. Not that ima ever play a COD game lol

All these modes and versions worry me. Instead of having one HW profile and one mode to optimize for, now we not only have multiple HW profiles but also, quality, performance, high frame rate and ray trace modes. What happened to the version the directors are making the game for. What is the 'intended' way to experience the game, the way the director had it in mind.

VRR will likely come to PS5 as well with an update, however it most likely won't come to my tv with an update. HDMI 2.0b ancient tech :p
Imo 120 fps is just as much a waste of resources as native 4K. I've seen the difference between native 120 fps and re-projected 60 fps on PSVR and I have to look at rotating helicopter blades and fences zooming by on the sides to notice the difference.

Ray tracing does enhance image quality, however there I fear it's simply a bit too early. To get RT performing a lot of cuts have to be made, quartering the resolution for reflections for example. The idea was that RT would save a lot of development time since you don't need baked lighting and reflections anymore. However this gen it's only more work since the former is still needed with RT sprinkling some sugar on top.

No wonder game prices have to go up!