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shikamaru317 said:
sales2099 said:

I was there...the Twilight Princess 8.9 Gamespot riots. So many bans, salt and rage for weeks. Lol what a time. 

Also the launches were pretty bad too forum wise

People rioted over an 8.9? That's not even a bad score, and Gamespot are well known for being tough reviewers compared to most of the other major gaming publications/sites. I could maybe understand fanboy riots if they gave it like a 6/10 when the meta was 95/100, but rioting over an 8.9? smh

How did the fanboys cope when Jim Sterling gave BOTW a 7/10 because he hated the weapon durability system? Slant gave BOTW a 6/10 review as well.

Well at the time GameCube sales were last compared to Xbox and especially PS2. They needed a win. Bragging about a 8 something isn’t the same weight as bragging about a 9. That 0.1 meant everything. Forums were an uncontrollable mess. Sticky threads were ignored. Mods had to enact mass bans and deal with many alt accounts for weeks. 

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