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I find modern console wars stupid. It's like Jack Johnson vs John Jackson. Both in hardware and games are nearly the same. Sony and MS get mostly the same games. Minus some exclusives but even that is a loose term now. Now I see people bickering and pointing fingers over white vs eggshell white. It's that Spider-Man meme of them pointing at one another. It's all so dull yet people freak out over this one if a few frames faster than 98% of the people could not tell with the naked eye anyway. DF is biased because the game ran slightly better on this system or the other. Get real.  

Genesis vs SNES vs TG16 is still the best console wars generation. Genesis was the best for action games/shooters/sports. SNES excelled at some of the best RPGs ever and platformers and some good old Mode 7. TG16 had a little bit of everything in genres but mostly exclusive to it. Each system was truly different from one another and excelled better in one genre or something else. TG16 had the best CD games that generation overall. Hardware was also truly different from one another. When they did share a game like Mortal Kombat. The differences were so obvious we did not need a video zoomed in on pixels. I'd say the last true console war was the 6th gen. Console wars only really meant anything when the hardware and libraries were truly different. Not 80-90% the same. So all there is left these days is are you loyal to a logo and little else. Nintendo while could def fix some things about their systems. They are the last ones doing anything different.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!