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Pemalite said:
sales2099 said:

The pendulum keeps swinging. Digital Foundry was bias against Xbox back in 2013. Then they were bias against PS when Xbox X outperformed PS4 Pro. They hated PS when Series X better optimized last gen titles compared to PS5. Now they hate Xbox because of next gen launch comparisons. And if (yes I said if just in case) Series X devs get used to the late SDK and multiplats favor Xbox in the future Digital Foundry will be accused of being against Sony.

It’s funny and ridiculous when you think about it. But god damn it’s hard to look away. Like seeing a car crash. 

I don't think they were being bias.

They were stating facts and going with the evidence.

In 2013 the Xbox One was soundly beaten by the Playstation 4's technical credentials, in 2017 the Xbox One X beat the Playstation 4 Pro's technical credentials and digital foundries narrative matched those findings.

Digital foundry also tends to backup it's assertions with empirical evidence with commentary that breaks down the technicals so those who aren't tech-heads can get a grasp of how things work.

Digital Foundry doesn't hate the Xbox Series X, they haven't made that statement, if anything they have gone on record multiple times on how much of a fantastic platform it is.

People need to take a chill pill. All the consoles are fantastic platforms, they all have their Pro's and Con's. Brand loyalty has always baffled me, these companies will never send you cake and flowers for your birthday, so why the loyalty?

I'll have you know Sony always sent me cake and flowers on my birthday, but now its stopped.

I blame DF, I'm sure they stole my presents and are producing a bake off episode titled who makes the best console shaped cakes and it will go something like this.

Sony has the biggest cake and takes less time to bake than the MS cake and also at a lower temp than the old PS4 cake, while MS cake has more ingredients in theirs, the icing on both tends to be locked at 60 mil thick but can drop to as thin as 56 / 57 mil in places.

Footnote: MS also has a cupcake for those on a diet.

BTW Pem I still can't find matching socks.

Research shows Video games  help make you smarter, so why am I an idiot