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shikamaru317 said:
JRPGfan said:

honestly both should just say pure 60fps lol.

Check this out: 15mins of frame time graph video: Theres zero drops on either version (below 60).

I think DF found like the only 2 times in the intire game where there are drops on PS5 and choose to show them :p

That is their job, isn't it? If they are finding sequences with drops, it means they did their job right, some tech testers only do the first level or two for their tests, which is kind of lazy imo. And they do say in the video that the PS5 version is 60 fps almost all of the time with ray-tracing on, except for those 3 sequences they showed with drops. They even said that you're better off keeping raytracing on rather than turning it off just to hit locked 60 fps. 

that may be true, but we have seen df state no drops locked 60 while at the very same time the graph is showing drops.

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