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shikamaru317 said:
JRPGfan said:

hmmm.... seems DF says this runs better on the XSX.
(we heard otherwise from other sources, before this DF video, so I guess it depends on which area of the game is tested)

Also OP, you mention demanding scenes for the PS5 can have drops down to 41fps (which lasted like 0,5sec) in the video clip and when a sec or two lateron it was back to 60fps again.

Yet you say its a perfect 60 fps for the XSX.
However the video with DF shows the XSX haveing dips into the 50's too, during the frame rate test part of it.
You never mention that in your compairsion chart thingy.

Do you have a time stamp on that, might have missed something. I saw them show 3 different ray-tracing mode sequences/cutscenes where PS5 had drops, and then they cut to the same sequences/cutscenes on Series X where they appeared to be locked 60.

My bad, that was the Xbox Series S, it had a moment it dropped to 56-57fps in the video.

They mention the 120fps mode the PS5 is the clear leader in the video.
So it looks like 60fps raytraceing favors the XSX, while the 120fps mode favors the PS5.