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shikamaru317 said:
sales2099 said:

We likely to get a single trailer, like Hellblade last year. Was hoping for a dedicated event, where we had Grounded and Everwild announced last year 

I'm hoping for 3 Xbox trailers on VGA's personally. My wishes:

  • First look at Hellblade 2 gameplay after the reveal at VGA's last year
  • First look at either Avowed or Fable in-game footage in a short trailer (I think Avowed is further along in development, was already in development before MS acquired them)
  • Reveal for either The Initiative's game (was originally said to be a 2020 announce but still hasn't been announced), or the unannounced 2nd party AAA that has supposedly been in development for awhile already according to job listings

Not expecting Starfield or Halo for VGA's, devs pretty much already shot both down for VGA's. Maybe Wolfenstein 3 could be there, it should have 3 years of development already, but I think they will wait to announce all Bethesda stuff until next E3/Summer event, after MS acquires them.

I reckon there's about a 0% chance of seeing either of those at the show