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coolbeans said:
Immersiveunreality said:

The kind of games on it matched my expectations, can not say anything about hardware because i do not buy one till it gets some new obsidian en Bethesda games/fable game.

At least scalpers won't be a worry for you by then!

Oh never, even with the PS5 and previous ps systems i did wait at least a year.

Not that i do not crave for Demon Souls but for myself it is not yet justified to invest a bunch of money whenever i have such a huge backlog,by the time i have worked through that there will be enough games for me to enjoy on the new gen.

If i had absolutely nothing to play on my old systems i might have had invested on a launch day console although i would be worried about production failures.

Also curious on exactly how much consoles scalpers buy in totality.