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eva01beserk said:
sales2099 said:
eva01beserk said:
Manlytears said:
Angelv577 said:
I wonder if recent face off favoring ps5 was the reason MS changed their marketing from " the most powerful console" to " the most powerful xbox"

I also noticed this. Seeing PS5 delivering better results sure have something to do with this. I find it very funny to see such results, lots of Xbox "zealots" are taking a big "L".

They wont admit it, now they are playing the waiting game. As soon as one game shows up that is like 2% better on the console you will see thread after thread poping up again. 

We have admitted to playing the waiting game this whole time lol. The whole “23 studios” going to mathematically outpace Sony’s once they get going bla bla bla, same goes for this. We waited 7 years, what’s 1 more for a new Xbox golden age? 

(Insert picture)

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You said Xbox fans won’t admit anything, I admitted everything. Your response spoke volumes. Btw having a great time with Gears Tactics and EA Play games :)

And Hiku, fair enough. We just heard that Xbox gave out their full dev kit suite as late as June of this year. So if I must wait to gloat, then so be it. Ugh...feel like a PS3 fan saying “just wait” with teh Cell to kick in. I’ve become everything I hate lol. 

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