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Final Fantasy XVI releasing in 2021! Official PlayStation Magazine UK

It's official: Final Fantasy 16 is coming in 2021 and it's only on PS5. This next-gen debut for Final Fantasy will make use of all of the tech inside Sony's new console. But who are the new heroes, what is that massive fire demon, and what's the combat style this time around? Pick up a copy of Official PlayStation Magazine issue 181 and find the answers to these questions, and more.

Courtesy of GameRadar

2021 looking to be an insane year for games!

Sounds awesome :) With Horizon Forbidden West, the new Ratchet & Clank, Demon Slayer, the new Tales of, Digimon Survive, Gran Turismo 7 and some other big Games :)

Cant wait of the new Trailer. The first Trailer was old material/not final details/graphic/animations, because Corona..

Wait... Tales of Arise is coming 2021? 

I am sure yes. Namco Bandai has been working on this new JRPG for a long time.

end of summer or holiday 2021, i think.


"The Last of Us 2" is officially Game of the Year 2020, worldwide. Ghost of Tsushima-Artwork: