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Hynad said:
Final Fantasy VII

I don't think this can be overstated. And it's not because it was a sequel to Final Fantasy games.  I barely knew anything about the FF series.  This game was phenomenal, it was cinematic, it was heart pumping glorious art.  Few games can reach the level this title did, even to this day.  And there is a cinematic in this game that rivals the emotional feeling of all videogames and most movies.  It's just that good.  I think for some folks who maybe entered the gaming scene after this, in let's say the PS2 era or later, that the blockiness of the game can leave people wondering "how?" But at the time it was revolutionary, there was nothing like it, and it was an instant system seller.

"Final Fantasy 7 was the rare game that exceeded all expectations. Its release coincided with growing awareness of Japan’s pop culture, particularly anime. As a cyberpunk story about personal delusions, mental illness, climate change and class warfare, it was Blade Runner for millennials. It single-handedly put role-playing video games on the global map. Moreover, it helped the Walkman company rebrand into a gaming titan."