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JRPGfan said:
curl-6 said:

With the exception of Russia and China jumping the gun, the vaccines simply haven't finished human trials yet; by the time they're rolled out to the public, they will have completed full standard testing to prove that they are safe and effective.

I would say that the fact that both Russia and China have kept quiet, since.... speaks volumes.

(curated) Numbers are still rising in Russia as well, if it was effective and safe they certainly have enough reason to expedite rolling it out.
China always posts low numbers no matter what, who knows what goes on there.

An out break at Tim Horton's (Canada's star bucks) happened in my town, not good. Contact tracing is a joke here as well and test results can take one to two weeks. We're only posting slightly lower numbers atm since, just like Germany, we're testing less. The lab ran into capacity problems again I guess.

We're still testing more than before at least. When I started tracking the tests
Aug 11 to Aug 18: 187,218 tests, 676 positive, 0.36% positive
Nov 11 to Nov 18: 260,370 tests, 9,953 positive, 3.82% positive
Nothing to worry aboot...

The border closure has been extended again to Dec 21st, not that it will open then, nor is it really all that closed.