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UnderwaterFunktown said:
DonFerrari said:

I'm not sure what you're trying to say here exactly. I'll agree that they arguably downprioritized Japan moreso with the PS4 since they straight up delayed the launch back then, but I think the 0 for 3 months thing is a bit of a distorted comparison.

It isn't a distorted comparison. You tried to spin the sales as the sales not being good on the 1st week compared to PS4 and also that Sony is prioritizing Japan less. When my post demonstrated that Sony is prioritizing more and why they don't have as much inventory to set to Japan (they have to supply plenty other countries compared to PS4 that when they launched in Japan it could receive most of the available inventory because other countries were already launched).

"Sales not being good on the 1st week compared to PS4" - Yes, I was pointing that out. I wouldn't call it much of a "spin" to say that 118k is a step down from 320k though.

"Sony is prioritizing Japan less" - I haven't said that they prioritized it less compared to the PS4. Actually releasing it on time this time around it certainly an improvement. I do think 118k shows they're not prioritizing the Japan market very highly though, especially considering it was one of 7 (I think?) launch countries.

What I meant by distorted comparison was simply that a delayed launch is a different approach altogether and I don't think it makes sense to line it up directly like that, but I get the point you were trying to make.

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Yes it is a spin to just compare 118k to 320k without considering any context.

Yes it is a wrong assumption to say it isn't prioritizing the Japan market very highly when you don't have numbers from any other place at all. When you have the numbers, and compare to total sale of PS4 on those countries, plus how good did MS on first week on those countries and compare and see that Japan got shafted then you can make your conclusion. Sony isn't going to produce over 1M consoles in 1 week, so the consoles for the launch in other countries would enter in the count as well.

You say it doesn't make sense to line it up directly, but then that is exactly what you done.

Have no idea what your "Add to phrasebook" is supposed to mean though.

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