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Sogreblute said:
Both consoles sold out, so if they had more stock it would be more. Even Xbox would have been higher. I think they're doing lotteries for both systems.

Yep both were, not sure how much demand were for the lottery tickets for Xbox since no one talked over it on the resetera thread, but anedoctal two people were talking about themselves or close relatives and one had 5 and the other 50 tickets and neither got sorted to buy a PS5.

Marth said:
Acevil said:
I would say pretty bad Supply and pretty bad launch numbers. People can slice this anyway they want, these are not great numbers.

Software is the most concerning part.

We all knew hardware would be bad but current software sales paint a dire picture.
Even if you are generous with digital sales.

One of the suppositions (and it makes sense) is that to many of these systems were bought by scalpers, so people that didn't secure a console had no reason to buy the SW, also they could have bought the PS4 version and get access to it on 2 systems.

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