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Famitsu have released their first week estimative/tracking for the release of Xbox Series and PS5.

For those of you that want to read more on the content but translated:

For only the numbers:

PS5 118k in 4 days

Xbox Series X/S 21k in 6 days

Miles Morales 18k

Demons Souls 18k

Remembering that both consoles were sold out on pre-orders and from all we know also on the first week, so demand can't really be determined for sure. The best we can do is say that companies have done a good job with forecasting and that they nearly met their demand, but that can't only be know in the future weeks accompanying the sales.

Just as comparison PS4 first week was 340k and PS3 86k, X1 was 24k and X360 62k

PS4 2019 sales were 929k and X1 were 6k

It would seem that either PS5 was a lot supply constrained or in comparison Xbox Series done an improvement on marketshare on release (it dropped less compared to the first week of X1, while PS5 had a bigger drop, also compared to 2019 sales Xbox done much better this time around).

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