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Timmah! said:
Tigawoods said:

1. I'm not so sure about Nintendo "deserving" the top spot. The fact is, Nintendo made the right product at the right time and now they are on cruise control to win this generation. Nintendo has earned their top spot.

2. The one major flaw I have with the Wii was the lack of a dvd player. Not that I needed one as I own all 3 consoles this gen but it somewhat surprised me as I would have thought that they would have included one. A lot of friends/co workers were slightly disappointed by the lack of one. 3. Im not a huge fan of the big games on Wii as a lot of them are just more of the same (Zelda, SSBB) but thats just my opinion and it's to be taken with a grain of salt :) What I love about the Wii is playing the old, old games like Super Mario Bros 3 etc etc. Thats what sold the system to me.

4. All in all though I firmly believe gaming is headed toward the HD direction. While both the PS3 and 360 have made mistakes (RROD 600$ price tag o.O) on trying to gain a larger foothold in the market, both MS and Sony showed us, the consumers, what next-gen hardware is all about. Until the HD format becomes more and more universal the Wii will continue to outsell its competitors and produce quality software. Oddly enough the next round of consoles to be released has me a bit fearful for Nintendo. HD will be fairly common to say the least and it will be interesting to see what direction the Nintendo will take. Until then gratz to the Wii and Nintendo :)


1. According to the dictionary Deserve and Earn are synonyms, so they pretty much mean almost the same thing.

2. Why would this bother you if you don't even need the functionality???? Who in the world that is purchasing a Wii DOES NOT already own a DVD player. The funny thing is, you have actually proven why Wii did not NEED a DVD player with your post.

3. I don't see them being 'more of the same' as a problem. For example, Halo 3 (or any other sequel) is going to be 'more of the same'. If the original was great, this is not a bad thing. And Mario's gameplay was hardly 'more of the same'. The gravity aspect totally transformed the gameplay as far as I'm concerned. I at least partially agree with you. VC totally sold me, but the new Nintendo games also sold me as they are some of the greatest franchises in gaming history.

4. I think it's pretty much a no-brainer that Nintendo will continue with 'Fun' gaming, while still appealing to the core crowd (as they have been doing), and will pretty much have to adopt HD.


 1. In my book "deserve" is more judgemental and it implies that someone just said "Hey lets give Nintendo the top spot this gen," which is certainly not the case.

2. Not everyone owns a dvd player or another console. Sorry to say it but it is true. The dvd player is not needed it just would be nice for the average consumer. My situation concerning what I own is irrelevant. Im just speaking for the average consumer.  My GF bought a Wii but unfortunatly around the same time her PS2 slim went haywire and wouldn't play dvds. Not everyone is swimming in money especially the way the U.S economy is. (if you are in the US)

3. I didn't mention Mario Galaxy now did I? And it's matter of opinion. Don't call out a post on someone's opinion especially when I state it right in front of you. The games are all about opinion and I was just giving my take. Besides Gamespot would agree with me on the Zelda take. Don't get me wrong it was a good game just, again more of the same.

4. I certainly hope so though I hope the devs can be as innovative in some of their titles as Nintendo was with their system. But you are right. Mario has always delivered and I hope it continues to do so. Im still not sold if Nintendo will be as successful next gen. Online has never been Nintendo's thing and they've obviously done well without it. They may need to make if better than it is now with MS and Sony seeing success. Not saying it needs to be that big but I would like to play more games on the Wii online. Also im not sure the casual consumer will be willing to buy another console since I think Nintendo has not so much stolen gamers from MS and Sony, but rather made new ones.

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