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Series S is arrived!

I'll download Dirt 5 and let you know about the graphics options for it to fill in the table. Not interested in buying Devil May Cry because I played it already on gamepass before they removed it - so can't help you there. I'll happily take a look at anything on gamepass or EA play or back compat. I have an elgato HD60S+ which will let me pass through to my laptop and count the pixels, too, though I don't have any framerate counting programs.

I have ridiculously fast internet in this accommodation, so much so that I downloaded Fifa21 (50GB) in less than 25 minutes. (Not for me, for the flatmates...)

First impressions are that it's quite cute. It's made of a pretty scratch-resistant plastic, not too dissimilar to the white phat Xbox 360's of old. I prefer the look of it standing up but for some reason it doesn't seem very balanced when upright, so it's sat down for now. Anyway. Send requests if you're curious