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*Update: Cyberpunk 2077, NBA2K1, Destiny 2 and CoD Warzone added.
*Update: Immortals: Fenyx Rising added
*Update: Borderlands 3 next gen update tested by Digital Foundry and all Xbox versions of Dirt 5 tested by NX Gamer.
*Update: AC: Valhalla has added 60 fps Performance Mode for Series S, along with a 30 fps Quality Mode for Series X.
*Update: Tweak CoD: Cold War with Digital Foundry coverage and added DOA6 to BC section.
*Update: AC: Valhalla updated with Digital Foundry coverage.
*Update: Halo: MCC added to list.
*Update: Found better source for CoD: Cold War.

I am intrigued by the Series S as a budget option, but also curious to see if the compromises (RAM and GPU) are too significant for the hardware to support next gen games well. Before the launch my feelings about Series S were it will live and die based on the quality of its AAA ports. I have watched numerous YouTube videos analyzing the Xbox Series consoles software and I thought this could make an interesting forum topic. Below I've compiled resolution and performance data of major next gen releases to get an idea of what developers are doing with the hardware.

Lets be frank, Series S is not a 1440p/60 fps machine like marketing suggested. At least not for major release. The Series S has demonstrated it can achieve 4K in less demanding titles and some titles do target 120 fps. Native resolutions are falling short of 1440p in demanding titles, but it worth noting many games do use effects and reconstruction techniques to improve the overall presentation.

Numbers and my notes may change as more channels and websites analyze games.

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla
One: Dynamic ~720p-900p/30 fps
One X: Dynamic ~1440-4K/30 fps
Series S: Dynamic ~1188p-1620p/30 fps or Dynamic ~720p-1080p/60 fps.
Series X: Dynamic 4K/30 fps or Dynamic 1080p-4K/60 fps
Notes: VG Tech says Series S Drops to 675p, NX Gamer says 720p. Therefore any drops at or below 720p would probably be rare.

Borderlands 3
One: Dynamic 900p/30 fps
One X: Dynamic 4K/30 fps or 1080p/60 fps target
Series S: Dynamic 1188p-1440p/60 fps
Series X: Dynamic 4K/60 fps or 810p-1080p/120 fps

Call of Duty: Cold War
One: Dynamic 900p/60 fps
One X: Dynamic 4K/60 fps
Series S: Dynamic 1440p/60 fps, RT disabled on Series S.
Series X: Dynamic 1440p-4K/60 fps with RT or Dynamic 1080p-1440p/120 fps without RT.
Notes: RT shadows only available on Series X and PS5.  Series S appears to have visual upgrade versus Xbox One consoles.

Cyberpunk 2077
One: Dynamic 810p. Framerate is very unstable, 10-30 fps.
One X: Dynamic ~1100p-1600p/30 fps with dips. Much better performance than base One.
Series S: Dynamic ~1080p-1440p/30 fps. More stable performance and improved visuals versus One platforms.
Series X: Dynamic ~1440p-1800p/30 fps or Dynamic 1080p/60 fps. 30 fps mode is virtually locked, 60 fps mode can drop into 40s during heavy load.
Notes: Series S and X are using BC to play this game, next gen versions not released yet. Performance expected to improve in all versions via patches.

Destiny 2
One: Dynamic 1080p/30 fps
One X: 4K/30 fps
Series S: 1080p/60 fps
Series X: 4K/60 fps
Notes: I believe this is a port given it uses Smart Delivery. Not sure if any visual upgrades were made beyond 60 fps.

Devil May Cry 5
One: 1080p reconstruction/unstable 60 fps (dips into 40 fps)
One X: 4K reconstruction/60 fps
Series S: No source on resolution, no RT mode, seems to offer 120 fps mode.
Series X: (1) 4K/60 fps without RT (2) 4K reconstruction/uncapped 120 fps (varies from about 60 to 120 fps) without RT. (3) 4K reconstruction/uncapped 60 fps (30 to 60 fps) with RT (4) 1080p/60 fps with RT

Dirt 5
One: Dynamic 540p-720p/40-60 fps or Dynamic 900p/30 fps
One X: 4K reconstruction/60 fps (can drop to 1080p) or Dynamic 4K/30 fps
Series S: Dynamic 1440p/60 fps or Dynamic 540p-720p/120 fps (120 fps mode considered a nice feature but too visually compromised)
Series X: Dynamic 4K/60 fps or ~1080p/120 fps (Can go above and below 1080p)
Notes: The only source I'm using for this game is NX Gamer. Previous sources show different results likely due to being older versions tested. Performance mode sacrifices resolution and other visual settings for better performance.

Forza Horizon 4
One: 1080p/30 fps.
One X: 1080p/60 fps or 4K/30 fps with higher graphics settings.
Series S: 1080p/60 fps
Series X: 4K/60 fps
Notes: Surprisingly, the One X version running in quality mode (30 fps) has the best graphics settings of all console versions. Series S/X port handled by Panic Button and not properly utilizing Series S/X specs according to Digital Foundry.

Gears 5
One: Dynamic 720p-1080p/30 fps
One X: Dynamic 1080p-4K/60 fps
Series S: Dynamic 720p-1440p/60 fps
Series X: Dynamic 4K/60 fps
Notes: Series consoles running better visual settings and textures. Series consoles offer 120 fps multiplayer, but split screen modes still 30 fps. Using VG Tech as source for Xbox One platforms as it tends to be most detailed.

Gears Tactics
One: 1080p/30 fps
One X: 4K/30 fps or 1440p/60 fps
Series S: 1440p/60 fps
Series X: 4K/60 fps

One: Dynamic 900p/uncapped 60 fps
One X: 1080p/60 fps with dips
Series S: 1080p/60 fps
Series X:  (Dynamic?) 4K/60 fps

Halo: MCC
One: 1080p/60 fps with dips
One X: 4K/60 fps with dips
Series S: 1080p/60 fps
Series X: 4K/60 fps
Notes: Halo 2 Anniversary graphics mode has reduced or dynamic resolution on all versions except Series S. 120 fps mode and enhanced graphics settings on Series platforms.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising
One: Dynamic 900p/30 fps
One X: Dynamic 4K/30 fps
Series S: Dynamic 720p-1080p/60 fps (30 fps cutscenes) or Dynamic 1440p/30 fps.
Series X: Dynamic 1080p-4K/60 fps or Dynamic 4K/30 fps.

NBA 2K21
One: Probably 1080p/60 fps?
One X: Probably 4K/60 fps? DF says PS4 Pro version is 4K.
Series S: 1080p/60 fps
Series X: 4K/60 fps
Notes: The next gen versions have significantly improved visuals. That partly explains the lower resolution on Series S.

Sea of Thieves
One: 900p/30 fps
One X: 4K/30 fps
Series S: 1080p/60 fps
Series X: 4k/60 fps

State of Decay 2
One:  Dynamic 900p/30 fps
One X: Dynamic 4K/30 fps
Series S: 1080p/60 fps
Series X: (Dynamic?) 4K/60 fps

Watch Dogs: Legion
One: Dynamic 900p/30 fps
One X: Dynamic 2016p/30 fps
Series S: Dynamic 1080p/30 fps
Series X: Dynamic 4K/30 fps
Notes: Series S has much lower resolution than One X to maintain visual fidelity of 9th gen.

We Happy Few
One: Resolution?/30 fps
One X: 4K/30 fps
Series S: 1080p/60 fps
Series X: Can't find source, but likely targeting 4K/60 fps.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon
One: No source on resolution and appears to run poorly. 30 fps target.
One X: No source on resolution, but looks and performs better than One. Also 30 fps.
Series S: 900p/60 fps or 1440p/30 fps.
Series X: 4K/30 fps, 1440p/60 fps, or 1080p/60 fps (1080p mode better maintains 60 fps during heavy effects)
Notes: This engine is brutal.

Notable Backward Compatible games tested on Series S.

Much better at targeting 60 fps. Nauseating experience on base One due to erratic frame rate and constant screentear. Series S|X port coming eventually.

Assassin's Creed: Unity (unpatched)
Gameplay virtually locked to 60 fps, cutscenes have dips.

Call of Duty: Warzone
Locked at 1080p/60 fps on Series S, a massive upgrade versus base One. Supports 120 fps mode but relies on dynamic resolution and sits around 90-100 fps.

Dead or Alive 6
Runs quality graphics mode at 1080p/60 fps, same resolution and performance as PS4 Pro. Base One runs 30-40 fps in this same mode.

Grand Theft Auto 4

Does a much better at targeting 60 fps than One X, but still suffers from significant dips.

Project Cars 3
Greatly improved performance, much closer to 60 fps target than either One or One X.

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