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KrspaceT said:
I recall hearing that Xenoblade Chronicles X (The Wii U game) was profitable. Don't have a source on that (years ago on IGN threads) but it's something that sticks with me. I think the general assumption is that the games tend to be profitable outside of specific exceptions even on the Wii U.

The team that made XCX was ridiculously small for a ridiculously huge and artistically beautiful game. It speaks volumes about the speed and skill of the team. There are mobile games supported by larger teams than the XCX dev team - granted, these are high profit games with frequent updates, so it’s more like a collection of 4-6 smaller dev teams working on the same project. The new Avatar mobile game has something like 200 employees mostly working on it. Supercell has 320 employees mainly across 2 games, and I’m not sure if those counts involve their QA staff which is often done by contracting other companies, but it’s not unusual for mobile companies to have several internal QA.

Takahashi has always been like that, though. He somehow made Xenogears in 2 years, and while the game was crunched down from what it was envisioned as, what remained was still one of the biggest RPGs made to that date.

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