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Mar1217 said:
KrspaceT said:
I recall hearing that Xenoblade Chronicles X (The Wii U game) was profitable. Don't have a source on that (years ago on IGN threads) but it's something that sticks with me. I think the general assumption is that the games tend to be profitable outside of specific exceptions even on the Wii U.

Yet, the game was a technical marvel of it's time and it didn't even sale a million ...

Goes to show how sensitive Nintendo is with budgeting which I consider a quality when you know a western AAA producing a game like that would have overblown the budget in commercials lol.

Marvel of its time is a bit of an overstatement. To be clear, I love me some Xenoblade Chronicles X, but while it was amazing for a Wii U game, it launched in the same year as Witcher 3. I actually like XBCX a lot better, but on a technical level it wasn't cutting edge outside of its console.