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Pemalite said:
DonFerrari said:
JRPGfan said:
kirby007 said:
hows that first guy having series x footage?seeing as his previous video titles "My Xbox Series X is BROKEN..."

He sent one to repair, and had another arrive to test things on.
Ei. he has 2 Xbox series X's, and one of them broke.

Luckily, microsoft will fix his broken one, or send him a new one as a replacement (likely within a week or two).
Meanwhile (hense luckily), he still has the other one to play on and test things on.

*edit: he explains this in his "my xbox series X is broken" video.
Luckily he order two of them (from differnt places), to increase his odds of getting one (and ended up getting both orders through).

How the hell are we already getting broken consoles?

All things man made will fail eventually. Only a matter of when not if.

All consumer electronics typically have a MTBF or "Mean-Time-Between-Failures" which is a weighted average that a device should last. - And thus you will always have a percentage of devices which will actually fail the day you take it out of a box and some that will last decades, it's the way it goes.

Serious_frusting said:
DonFerrari: I believe that is why even with the immense power of PCs, games still dont look as good as the should. Too much over head and shoddy optimizations. This trend seems to be applying to consoles more and more unfortunately and with the different spec of consoles all out at the moment I dont really see it getting any better. Hence I tend to favour exclusives.

It's also Ubisoft, they will prioritize a single platform and treat all others like second class citizens.

I know all electronics can have defects, it is just that is so frustrating to have your console failing in day one.

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