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IMO, the "Other" region for the Switch will be the X-Factor region that will determine whether or not the Switch becomes the greatest selling console of all time. It's already a given that the Switch will sell close to DS/PS2 numbers in Japan and NA and Nintendo has reached a point in those NA and Japan where there isn't much more room for expansion. However, places such as Eastern Europe, much of Asia/Middle East, as well as South America there is nearly an endless market of people Nintendo can tap into, and it those regions will be the key in determining whether or not the Switch outsells the PS2/DS.Right now the Switch numbers are looking extremely promising in the "Other" category. The Switch is already less than 400k units from surpassing the Wii in the other category while only being 3.5 years old and the Switch is now really beginning to hit it's stride with a 30Million year. The best selling console of all time in the "other" category for a Nintendo system was the Nintendo DS, with 12 Million sold. The Switch is already at 9 million and it seems inevitable the Switch is going to surpass it at this point which is amazing, and who knows how much of that market the Switch will penetrate since we've never seen a Nintendo system grow this fast in such a large region. If everything goes right, the Switch might be a smash hit more than we could ever imagine in the "other" category. I really believe the Switch could be the first console to really be a smash hit in the "other" regions, maybe even more than PS. I believe this because the Switch is so versatile and that what makes it so appealing to so many gamers. China is more into mobile gaming and while the Switch and mobile gaming are still far apart in several ways, maybe the Chinese consumer will be more interested in the Switch since it is really one of the first mainstream powerful portable device that could play console like games anywhere just like mobile gaming. IK that the Switch library will be limited in China thanks to strict regulations against mature games. However, Nintendo games for the most part are family friendly unlike Sony, so we're more likely to see the Switch in China build a stronger library than PS4 in China and thus will likely be the most popular console in China. I really believe the Switch could gain a pretty sizeable market in China if everything goes right. And I'm happy Nintendo is going through the efforts of localizing their products across different regions and expanding Nintendo, they could've easily been content with the current Switch sales in NA,Japan, and Europe, but they're really trying to expand their market, and it's working out for them as the "other" category is growing exponentially for them, growing even more than NA,Japan, and Europe YoY, which shows that sales aren't just fluking cause of AC or the Pandemic, but Nintendo is really expanding in the "other" region