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SvennoJ said:
eva01beserk said:

Its not an issue. Its DRM. Its whats meant to do. Xbox live was down for a few hours and all the new consoles during that time where unusable. Again. Question is is this only a first time thing? Or will this be requiered on a specific interval. If I remember corectly during the x1 they wanted a once a day check. 

So without internet, can't do anything with it? That will suck on Christmas day when these services and isps are sure to do down again.

How is it with ps5? Can that work out of the box without internet?

From the FAQ at least PS4 BC works without any need of internet (unless you want to patch it for the PS5 updates or need to download a digital version of the game), for PS5 games I dunno, but I believe you will play without internet if you want

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