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foodfather said:
eva01beserk said:
foodfather said:

Crappy game gets a crappy port. And the news is? Game looks acceptable on both consoles I see nothing adverse here but nothing that should next gen, including so called ray tracing.

Framerte counter has XX higher than PS5 pretty consistently. Do some people even watch the video they are clicking on? 

on quality mode, and only like 5-8%, then on performance mode the ps5 is way more than that  ahead. Did you watch the video?

Most of the time the fps counter is higher on XX, but a few to a dozen ''fps's''. Slip to any scene, pause it, flip through it, Did you? That random slowdown to the 60's on the XX is odd, but I bet somewhere in the game it would happen to PS5 too. Crap port thats all. 

he tricked you, both DF guys mention that something weird is going on with the performance mode on the series X, there are vids going around in which the performance mode was like 5-10fps over the quality mode

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