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SvennoJ said:
sales2099 said:

whoops. At least I’m glad people will stop listing that game as bragging rights. To me it looked low 70s Metacritic from the start

That didn't stop people from going on about Rise Son of Rome last gen ;)

And Knack even got a sequel!

And I want Knack 3 to finish the trilogy in PS4, then if they want they may make collection remastered for PS5.

coolbeans said:
Although the score could fluctuate (given the small review pool), this one always struck me as a 9th-gen Ryse: aping specific expectations from the previous gen, fumbling in implementation, and having a nice coat of paint in hopes of glossing over such problems. It's selling for $70 too, right? A tough gamble compared to the long-cherished regard for Demon's Souls coming at launch too.

Can't disagree from you. And yes 70 for this game is asking a lot imho.

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