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Digital Foundry:

TL DR:  (cant be arsed to watch DF video?)

PS5 & XSX useing exact same graphics quality presets.
Resolutions for everything exact same (Dynamic resolution 4k, dips down to 1440p., Action scenes often near 1440p)
(testing only revealed a few spots where it ran higher resolutions on PS5, usually theres parity)

Screen Tearing:

"Xbox def. tear more often, and those tears spend more time in the middle of the screen,
which means the xsx is performing lower, you... uh know... it has a lower performance, it depends
on the scene to scene, its not always easy to catch tears useing our software.
Esp on playstation platform for certain reasons, but you know.. we have done some back to back testing here" - DF

Mentions (shows) a area where you open a door, and on xsx it drops to 53 fps and has constant screen tearing.
While on the PS5 its 60 locked and has no tearing.

"so its running quite abit better on the PS5" - DF (in reguards to tearing)

Playstation 5 seems to do a better job, keeping 60fps during combat (has some drops in a few cutscenes).

"during gameplay, its shockingly stable (60fps)" - DF


Xbox series X, has a issue with the light sources of the torch, drastically impacting performance.
So at night, when its casting shodows, fps drops to mid 40's to low 50s and stays there (with screen tearing).
(PS5 has minor tearings doing the same area/test, but its near 60 fps stable (much less distracting picture))

"I would discribe PS5 version as pretty much a stable 60, with occasional little dips.
series x, def. needs some work, because if your playing a normal display, the tearing is extreme distracting." - DF

Camra (bug) doesnt move at a steady rate, on XSX  (stutter stopping).
This makes it "feel" like the game runs alot worse than it actually does (compaired to its FPS counter).


Texture quality, differences?:

PR5 on Right, XSX on left.

PS5 textures seem sharper.... DF didn't mention this at all.


*update: Frame tests:

PS5 spends 98,1% of the time at 16.67 ms or under.
XSX spends 88,92% of the time at 16,67 ms or under.

PS5 keeps 60 fps alot more often than the XSX in this game.

XSX has more than 5 times as much frame tearing as well.
You get a more smooth experiance, playing this game on a PS5.

***** Update: NX gamer:


Dynamic 4k on both. 
NX GAmer noticed 1440p lowest res, on the XSX, and 1620p on the PS5.
PS5 has V-sync, XSX doesnt (frame tearing).
PS5 loads ~12%+ faster.
Both Hold 60 fps quite well (basically no performance differnces, in his short testing of it )

Biggest differnce between old PS4/XB1 vs  PS5/XSX?
60 fps (instead of 30)
Better tesselation, and draw distances.
Apart from that, it basically looks the same (according to NX gamer).


So the short of it, is theres barely any noticeable differnce.
PS5 version runs abit smoother (madated VSync on) while the Xbox Series X has frame tearing.
(hence the DF comment, about it looking fantastic on XSX if your TV supports Varriable refresh rates (VRR))

So far it looks like:

PS5 has better textures. 
PS5 has better framerate.
PS5 has significantly less tearing.  *(minor tearing issue, its not that often)
PS5 has faster loading.   *(apparently its minor, like 12% differnce)
XSX is missing some effects.   ***OSB! (this was apparently not final code, for the XSX version when the texture shots were compaired, in videos below)

This just proves that what matters most is how much time & effort, developers put into optimisations.

^ slightly better video (4k). (only shows the Xbox console's)

Minor differnces:

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