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Here's a couple topics:

1) Hades! Haven't played it yet, but people keep recommending it to me, telling me it aims for "the queer gaze" a lot in a way that really stands out. What do you (anyone) think? Good game worth getting? What's the quality of representation here in your view?

2) Pete Buttigieg. Now that the 2020 U.S. election is officially over, I figure it's a bit safer now to open that can of worms and that this would be easily the safest place to do so. I'm looking for the opinions of the gay men here on this topic in particular. He was the first openly gay candidate to run for the American presidency on a major party ticket. He even won a couple contests by certain metrics! What did you think of his run for the presidency? Particularly if you're an American gay man, did it mean something to you that he was a gay man or was it a peripheral, unimportant matter in your mind? And did you ever support his candidacy or did you have a different preference?