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Barozi said:
Honestly I'm not sure if you'd like State of Decay 2.It's not really comparable to Last of Us as it's not a linear game and therefore isn't as closely tied to a story line.While you can certainly have fun in single player, it's more of a co-op game.I would describe it as a The Walking Dead experience, where you have to keep control of a bunch of survivors, find new ones and build your base while running through zombie infested streets and fields in search of ressources.Since we have no info on SoD3, I can't tell what they will add/change. The trailer did look very cinematic, but I doubt we will see any of those in game to convey a story.Definitely try SoD2 on Game Pass first.

Ooooooh okay, well admittedly that does indeed diminish my interest some. I will follow your advice and try out State of Decay 2 on Game Pass first then!

Anyway, thanks! That was a helpful post.