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I like a football analogy here. The UEFA football championships ended yesterday, with Spain as a deserved winner over Germany. Why? The Spainards where a joy to watch. They continued to attack even when they had a 1-0 lead - where other coaches (like Germany had shown) will immidiatly go into defense the moment thay are in the lead.

Other example: Greece. They won the championship four years ago with boring-ass football. Constant defense, and hoping for one lucky shot, which they usually got off. They where booed off the stage this year and lost all of their matches, also to much delight of the press.

Fans and press revered teams that showed constant innovation and an attacking style (Like Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, Turkey etc) while annialating the "old style" of defense, 4-4-2 system style play etc and it payed off.

Nintendo is in the same league. They dared to show something new. They made themselves fun to watch/play with and thus got revered by press and public. And hopefully, like Spain it will pay back ten-fold. (Ironicly, past Euro's Spain didn't even survive the first stages of the tournament)

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