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(I should write anime episode titles.)

Just someone you haven't seen much around the Microsoft forum yet but prolly will a lot more from here on now that the Series X launch is upon us. The Microsoft forum, in fact, will likely be something like my de facto personal hub for gaming-related discussion for a while. So anyway, because I've been an infrequent contributor to the Microsoft forum up to now, I figured it'd be polite to introduce myself to yous regulars properly tonight in case there's anyone who doesn't see me around the other forums often. Also I'm pretty bored this evening.

I's Janice. That or any stylization thereof (like JC, Jaicee my screen name, J-Ice, or whatever else you can think of) will do just fine. I'm that weird one you might have run across on other forums a handful of times before. Ya know, the socialist who likes all the indie games and art games and such? That one. (The polite way of putting it is that I'm a pretty individual person.) I won't lie: the Xbox One wasn't my favorite Xbox platform to date, so it really can't be said that I'm like a great fan of the brand or anything. When it comes to first-party material, my strong preference has been for Sony's offerings on the PlayStation 4 this last console generation overall. They've just seemed more...well heartfelt to me. I've been gaming forever now and get bored with overly similar experiences, to which end appreciate sincerity and creativity a lot. Not generally a huge sucker for sequels and remakes and that sort of thing on which the AAA gaming market far too often thrives, as I really feel that very few of them justify their existence. I'm also personally biased in favor of single-player gaming for the most part. Put this way, I suppose it's not difficult to see why Xbox hasn't been "my brand" too often. To this end, I don't know if I'm really the kind of person the regulars here, like the actual proper Xbox fans, really want to be associated with or not. I get it if you'd rather not have me around these parts too often.

Given all this, you may be wondering why I've opted to get a Series X at launch instead of oh say the PlayStation 5. Well don't you worry, I fully plan on getting both systems! I will indeed eventually get a PlayStation 5...but since my financial resources are decidedly finite, that'll have to wait until next year. The Series X is my priority for right now. Why? Well months ago I would've said it came down to the particular game offerings that'll be available in the launch window, but at this point it's more than just that. I simply like what Microsoft is doing with the Series X better in general at this point, to tell you the truth. I mean obviously the PS5 is the system that will likely fare better commercially, I mean what with titles like the new Spider-Man right out of the launch gate and everything. That, a more popular, maximalist system design, Travis Scott, and a ton of other little indicators tell me that, as usual, Sony's latest platform will emerge as the "winner" in sales terms when all is said and done. Honestly though...Spider-Man is simply not my type of game and I don't feel like I need all the aforementioned racket. I'm feeling in a contrarian mood and this is the contrarian choice. That applies to most everything right down to the Series X's minimalist system design. I like the unpretentious simplism of it better. I'm tired of noisy, flashy politics and noisy, flashy everything right now. This launch will be the calmer one. And frankly, the launch window just seems more targeted to someone like me actually, filled out with titles like The Medium and Call of the Sea that just seem like they're much more me than the launch window offerings that'll be available on the PS5 and I do prefer to have the best versions of those game that will be available. Also I really do kinda like Game Pass.

Games I want for the Series X listed in the order that they interest me:

As Dusk Falls
Open Roads
The Big Con
The Artful Escape
The Medium
Perfect Dark
Call of the Sea
12 Minutes
Senua's Saga: Hellblade II
Psychonauts 2
Bright Memory Infinite
State of Decay 3
Last Stop
Song of Iron
Exo One

Games I want for the PlayStation 5, listed in the order that they interest me:

Solar Ash
Goodbye Volcano High
Where the Heart Is
Ghostwire: Tokyo
Jett: The Far Shore
Kena: Bridge of Spirits
Oddworld: Soulstorm
Destruction AllStars
Horizon Forbidden West

Similar number of games, you can see, but the difference is prioritization and launch timing. The games I want for the PS5 aren't releasing until sometime next year save for titles I want less than The Medium, Call of the Sea, and Bright Memory Infinite.

Hell, I think maybe it's even a generational thing for me to some extent. Sony's working with Travis Scott to market the PlayStation 5. I'm 38 years old, white, and kind of out of it when it comes to new music and celebrities these days. I don't know who Travis Scott is save for that I've recently been told he's apparently a rapper popular with Gen Z kids. Never heard any of his songs to my knowledge. I feel like that's something targeting someone younger than me, that they would appreciate. Microsoft has Snoop Dogg. I know who Snoop Dogg is. He was becoming famous when I was a tween/teen. Bottom line here being that I feel like I'm part of the target market for the Series X even based on like my age. That may not make the system the cool or particularly in tune with where the kids are today exactly, but let's face it, neither am I, especially at this point in life.

Little stuff like this has added up to a prioritization decision on my part. Microsoft detractors (often including myself in the past) tend to characterize the Xbox brand as being more about just simply making more money for Microsoft on the side than about a real dedication to the development of gaming as an art form (ya know, "Micro$oft" spellings and such)...but I dunno. Right now to me it's the path Sony's going down with the PlayStation 5 that strikes me as more shamelessly commercial overall. Or maybe that's just how I gripe about machines that are clearly intended mainly to reach gamers who are younger and cooler than me now. Maybe I need to do more introspection about my judgments. *shrugs* Whatever the case, I can't help wanting the Series X more for now. I look forward to relaxed convos here about games I really want to play!


With my intro/explainer stuff done, I do actually have a question for the proper Xbox fans here to add to all this! It's about the State of Decay franchise. I haven't played either of the first two entries before. The trailer for State of Decay 3 though caught me in just the right mood when it came out 'cause I really liked The Last of Us Part II and had just played through it at the time and something about the State of Decay 3 trailer just seemed to have a similar ambience that drew me in instantly! I know I'm definitely interested in at least trying out this third installment of the franchise, but I would like some realistic expectations about it, so if you've played the first two State of Decay games this like a proper action-horror franchise with well-developed storylines and characters like The Last of Us titles...or more of a conventional open world type franchise that revolves mainly around completing checklists of mini-quests? How closely would you compare the State of Decay games to The Last of Us as a franchise? I ask because I am distinctly more interested in a Last of Us type of experience and want realistic expectations going in.

Last edited by Jaicee - on 20 March 2021