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DonFerrari said:

Actually no I don't, these haven't reached Brazil.

I do know several places requested for elections to be suspended because well we have lockdown to avoid large number of people in same place, but for election politicians will ignore it (In Brazil we had pandemic fearmongering for months but on the month of election everybody is supposed to pretend everything is under control to go and vote, and quite likely them hear about a second wave).

Will you say Biden, Obama et caterva doesn't support BLM that essentially do violent acts? The tiktok what I know was that USA forced they to be sold to an American company.

Trump certainly isn't a poster boy for free speech, nor is any politician as far as I'm concerned. But to pretend the regular citizen doesn't demand even more (looking at you cancel culture). Trump and some other right wing politicians are declared dictators by their oponents, but all we can really verify is they claiming something done but not really changing laws or doing anything really dictatorial. And sure terrorism makes people feel in terror (that is their purpose) and sure politicians that take a pledge to be hard on it will gain traction.

That you're implicitly comparing a mass, largely non-violent movement of millions of people to a street gang perfectly shows the kind of disingenuousness that one depends on to defend Donald Trump. Black Lives Matter does not "essentially do violent acts". A small minority of participants sometimes respond to direct acts of police violence against them physically is what you'll find happens. That is quite different from endorsing an organization that requires its members to physically combat political rivals. Black lives do matter. Racial justice does matter. One is hardly a tyrant or a more violent person for saying as much.

I don't really wish to further pursue this exchange on President Trump and how Covid-19 is () supposedly not a real problem here on this thread because I feel we're getting a bit far astray from the actual subject at hand by so doing. I will just say that there was a time  in late 2015 and early 2016 when I felt open to the idea of banning Muslims from entering the country like Trump was proposing myself. But there were so many other things about him that made me see right through his act. The "Hillary for Prison" stuff, the Access Hollywood video, the proposal to deport like half the immigrant population in this country...I mean his whole shit was public safety, and yet most of the time he spoke, he made me feel less safe, not more safe. That's why I had no difficulty voting for Hillary Clinton. But I do understand why some people might have had different opinions, unfortunately.