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Pemalite said:
Azzanation said:

I highly doubt next gen games will be utilizing the full 16gigs of Ram from a console. Platforms normally disallowed the full use of Ram to be used, as they need dedicated Ram to run the OS and feature sets. I wont be surprised that 6gigs of Ram for the XSX is for the OS etc.

WiiU had 2gigs of Ram, Half of it was used for the WiiU OS (1gig) considering the PS5 and XSX have much more complex OS and more features, expect anywhere near 4gigs for the OS, maybe even more. 

Microsoft and Sony are reserving more SSD space for OS functions thus they don't need to rely on Ram as heavily...

Thus the Xbox Series X will only use 2.5GB of Ram which is a reduction over the Xbox One.
The Xbox Series S will use only 2GB of Ram which is a reduction again, likely due to the 1080P User Interface rather than 2160P.

Well thats an improvement, however 2.5gigs is still a fair chunk of Ram.