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Agente42 said:
curl-6 said:
DKC is Western.
Not only were all 5 main entries developed either in the United Kingdom or the United States, but they're distinctly different in tone and style from Japanese developed platformers of the time like the 2D Marios of the same era. They don't look or feel like Japanese games.

Yeah, it's a rebranding and redesign of a universe. DK is a level up on Mario platform's.

DK western is a new DK, is not the same characters 

Yeah, plus the look of the DKC games are more influenced by in Rare's case realism and CG animation, and in Retro's case an off-kilter look more reminiscent of Western cartoons with more detail than in the cleaner style of cartoon graphics seen in most Japanese games of a similar type.

David Wise's music has a style very unlike Nintendo's scores for games like Mario, Yoshi, Kirby, etc.

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