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Here's some more quarterly data.

Quarterly Breakdown by Fiscal Year (NDS / Wii / PS4 / NSW)

NDS peaked in FY4. Wii in FY2.  PS4 in FY3.

NSW on pace to peak in Y4 (probably in just three quarters, it only needs 9M).  IMO it has a shot at a higher peak again in 2021, but that remains to be seen. 

100M will come and go at this point, its trajectory is clearly aiming way higher now.  This current year should be ~30M and next year should be about the same (+/- 5%).  I think its sitting at 115-120M by the end of FY5 (March 2022), so it should go well past that range as well.

*Sony and Nintendo Fiscal Year's run from Apr - Mar.  So quarters fit in that framework.

*Year 0 is launch Fiscal Year (Nov-Mar for NDS/Wii/PS4, Mar for NSW)