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I'm not sure if I fit in the definition of Nintendo fan

I'm definitely not a fan of the company, neither fan of their values

I'm fan of their games, but so I am fan of Square Enix, Sony and Activision games

But yes, overall Nintendo is the studio the makes the games I enjoy the most. It started with Pokemon, I owned a DS and later a 3DS only for the sake of playing Pokemon, which is ironic because I don't even like the Pokemon games anymore

On N64 (I never had one myself, but I've spend hundred of hours playing in a rented one when I was 7 to 10 years old) I discovered Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2, Starfox, Mario Tennis, Mario 64, Yoshi's Story, Pokemon Snap, and Ocarina of Time.

I will be frank and confirm that I barely remember how Ocarina of Time was until I've played 3DS version more than a decade later

Mario 64 was awesome, but my favorite platformer was Crash, and I never enjoyed Mario Kart as much as Crash Team Racing. My favorite Mario was actually Mario Tennis lol

I loved Yoshi's Story so much, still one of my favorite OSTs to date. But I don't know, Yoshi doesn't look quite a franchise to "sell" Nintendo for me

I always find star fox 3D confusing and ugly and in reality preferred the 2D games

So yup, Pokemon takes the crown here. Not only was addicted to Stadium, but played a lot Snap too. The fact it had an anime to give support only made my love grown, although I was never that big of a fan of Pokemon animated series (I was a digimon fan actually)