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I know this is a cop-out answer but it was not a game, it was a system, and im talking about the SNES. Long answer coming: Before the SNES I'd say I was very casual about gaming as a whole, even the NES and games like Super Mario Bros and Mega Man did little for me. But I got very invested in the SNES as a whole, and I started following everything Nintendo did because of it - and boy did this system had a huge library of awesome games. Loved that era.  

Now, I know the expected answer for this particular question is something in the lines of  "this particular Nintendo game made me love the Nintendo company's products", and If im forced to that kind of answer,  it'd have to be A Link to the Past - Which remains one of the best Zelda of all time as far as im concerned. But I do believe I already had love for Nintendo beforehand, due to the system itself. 

Sorry for my bad english. 

Last edited by Jpcc86 - on 03 November 2020