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IcaroRibeiro said:

Please do not come with the cheap answer "because it sells". Of course it because it sells full price

The question is: What make customers willing to pay full price for Nintendo games years after release whereas most gamers wait for MS/Sony exclusives (or 3rd party games in general) to go on sale?

True, this is overstated concept, as Sony/MS Games tends to be more front-loaded compared o evergreen Ninty titles, most of MS/Sony sales actually are sold from full price in the first 1-2 months. What happens however is after this initial push these games are very likely to go on sale to keep numbers going. Nintendo games not only sell for longer, but also barely need price cuts to keep their numbers stable

The quality (and even the branding) arguments don't paint the full picture. Astral Chain, Yoshi's Crafted World, Arms, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 all sold 1-2 million copies and still largely sold at their launch price

Is this behavioral consumption? We know Nintendo games never go on sale, so are options are either pay 60 USD or just not getting the game we want  

Meanwhile Sony owners know in 6 months they will get a physical version for like 40 bucks or less, so they just wait and buy discounted

If that's the case... why Sony just don't adopt the same strategy? Keep their games full price forever until gamers understand  they have no choice but pay full price

Seems a chicken vs eggs problem. Are we paying more because the prices never goes down, or the prices never goes down because we always pays more?

What about you? Is there  any Switch game you would give a chance if they was sold at 40 USD? Are you currently waiting for any Switch game to go on sale?

But that's the answer: because they sell for a long time at full/nearly-full price!