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Eagle367 said:
Immersiveunreality said:

A lot of young boys are in a weaker mental state, growing up and hormones do that.

Religion can be misused to radicalize, it is important to recognize that and not see it as an attack on how you practice religion.

At this point i just feel sorry for the teacher.

If Macron said what you said, I don't think anyone would have any problems with Macron. But Macron spewed some nonsense about the religion he doesn't understand and reforming the religion he doesn't follow. Also you can use ethnicity, nationalism, even economic theory like Capitalism and communism to get the same effect as misrepresenting religion. 

Yeah a lot of European leaders should try to use their words more carefully as this mostly sets people up against the people of islam that have no part in this problem.

Europe has a problem with integrating culture within another culture and it can create very conservative social bubbles that are often walled off from the existing also conservative bubbles and that has a good chance of creating that ancient old us vs them mentality.

It creates racism and xenophobia and it creates anger that can be used as a tool to radicalize and at the root this is mostly a political issue.