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cosmic_drift said:
Capcom did a pretty good job on the handheld Zelda titles, namely Oracle of Time/Seasons. I'd like to see them have another go at a smaller scale Zelda game similar to Link's Awakening Remake, while Nintendo proper continues to work on the bigger titles.

I don't think something like a brand new 2D Zelda would be seen as small enough for Nintendo to give it to a third party company nowadays sadly, despite how cool another Capcom 2D Zelda would be.

Seriously though, if Nintendo isn't going to make new entries in a lot of their franchises, I think letting prolific third parties make new entries in them rather than just pumping out more remakes would be a much cooler solution. If we get a remade 2D Metroid or another remade Zelda on the Switch instead of a new game ... my god ...