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shikamaru317 said:
This matches with the rumors that PS5 was originally designed as a 2019 console, but had to be delayed into 2020, full RDNA 2 wouldn't have been ready if PS5 was designed as a 2019 console originally. Also explains why PS5 has a 350 watt power supply compared to 320 watt for Xbox Series X, even though Xbox Series X is more powerful and has locked clocks compared to variable clocks on PS5; if PS5 is only RDNA 1.5 (RDNA 1 with some RDNA 2 features), we know that RDNA 2 is more power efficient, which would explain why Xbox Series can get away with a smaller power supply in spite of the console being more powerful.

Power Supply does not equal Power Consumption.

The law of thermodynamics literally comes into play, essentially a Power Supply converts energy (I.E. 240v down to 12v) and in the process of doing so looses some energy during the conversion process... And every power supply has an efficiency curve.

So for example... An 80% efficient 400w power supply would actually draw 480w from the wall to deliver 400w, where-as a 90% efficient power supply would draw 440w from the wall.

Both deliver 400w.

And another aspect we need to keep in mind is that as a power supply begins to age, they actually do become less efficient, so console manufacturers need to build additional tolerance in the power supply to ensure that as it ages, it will still be able to provide the electrical needs over the long term.

In short... Please take the 350w vs 320w PSU as irrelevant, because ultimately it is.
What needs to happen is proper power draw analysis done on individual components... And that generally isn't happening until these devices are released.

Bandorr said:

Wonder which version I saw on the DMC website.  It isn't coming to PC so probably not that one.

It isn't on S and has to be patched on X later. So I'm guessing the PS5 version then?

I found that pretty impressive.

Then again my only real first-hand impression of ray-tracing is Control on PC. That was amazing but very taxing.

I love a good comparison though. We could see Control vs Control. Or DMC vs DMC (post patch).  I think Watch dogs has it also?

I'll have to go back and watch the spider-man one. I thought the reflections looked good but maybe I have forgotten.  What is a good example of "good" RT reflections that I can watch?

Ray Tracing has been in video games for years, trust me, we have all seen it and experienced it to various degrees.
Hardware based Ray Tracing is taking it a big leap forwards.

Hiku said:

So the idea that they'd somehow miss out on something they developed together sounds extremely unlikely.

I think the reason people got confused is because these chips were designed while AMD were still working on their PC mass market RDNA2. So in that sense both Microsoft's and Sony's solutions could be called RDNA 1.5. Not because they are inferior to RDNA 2, but because they are custom, different, and finalized shortly before AMD's PC version.

But because 99.99% of people will look at 1.5 and think it means something negative, Sony and MS would want to call them RDNA2 based.

It's really to early to tell what the fundamental differences are between RDNA 1.0 and 2.0 from a low-laying perspective anyway.

But even Microsoft's Xbox Series X has some significant deviation from known PC RDNA 2.0 GPUs, such as lacking an infinity cache.

KratosLives said:
Shinobi-san said:

Because MS knows that no other console runs DirectX :)

Ah ok, so just the usual PR stuff. 

From an end user perspective, pretty much.

Regardless if you have an Xbox Series S, Series X or a Playstation 5, you are going to have a fantastic time.

Goatseye said:
Shinobi-san said:

haha i guess so.

But that doesn't mean Sony has the full feature set of RDNA 2, but I would imagine that Sony would have had the choice to include or exclude as they see fit. We do know for sure though that Cerny directly made reference to Mesh Shaders and a variant of Sampler Feedback. He however, made no reference to Variable Rate Shading or anything similar as far as I know.

I’m pretty sure Cerny mentioned Primitive Shader and not Mesh.

Mesh and Primitive Shaders are the same thing.

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