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As you may have heard earlier today, Control Ultimate Edition is available on the Nintendo Switch through cloud.

The Cloud is handled by Ubitus, a Taiwanese (?) company -

Basically, you can try a 10 min demo by testing 2 modes:

- performance mode: the game runs at 60fps

- quality mode: the game runs at 30fps but with ray tracing on

And then you can purchase the game for 39,99€/$ with no limitation in time, you can play the game as much and long as you want to, just requirering an internet connection.

And I played the 2 demos and here's my thoughts:

- It's baffling how well it runs
- No input lag whatsoever
- Super smooth 60fps
- Superb ray tracing effects on that tiny console

It was unbelievable. And I already tried Control on the PS4 Pro (through PS Now - but with download) and didn't like it in the first place, but this whole new experience gave me enough confidence to try it one more time.

Regarding my internet connection, my Switch is hooked on a 2nd floor of a big house, where the nearest wifi is 2 rooms away, which is a small repeter wired with cheap powerline adapters, wired to a basic connection (far from fiber), so not ideal at all. But it still works like a charm.

Best cloud experience I ever had so far. I believe this is the new future for Nintendo.

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