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I’m pretty indifferent about it.

I live in a country that’s extremely busy, even at this time, so it’s not really my hobby because it’s too much work. Though I also don’t mind, driving at night is fine because then it’s less busy obviously and it’s also the best place to sing along with songs on the radio at an inappropriate volume.

My driving history is spotty though. I got my license when I was 18 already due to peer pressure (or really, I just wanted people to shut up about it), but then proceeded to not drive once after a month or two for the next 10 years because I lived right next to a metro station. One day about three years ago I was on my way to a meeting with my boss when he asked me to drive because he had a short night. I asked if he was sure because I hadn’t driven a car in 10 years upon which he replied that it doesn’t matter; it’s an automatic and a Tesla equipped with a billion safety features. After that my mother gave me her car when she got a new one herself and I quickly began to use it regularly.