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I give it a C-. This year was too slow and way too dependent on old games (Besides the ones the OP mentioned, there was also Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX and Tokyo Mirage), I actually think it beats 2018 as Switch's worst year so far. At the same time, I have to give it credit where is due. Animal Crossing NH was huge, AoC could easily become the best (And best selling) Warriors game ever, the third party releases was super solid this year and Xenoblade Chronicles DE is such an incredible remake of an incredible game.

At least Nintendo, like everyone honestly, have an excuse of WHY 2020 was slow,I have hopes 2021 will compensate this year.

EDIT: Also forgot to mention Clubhouse 51, it was a surprisingly good casual game from a franchise I honestly thought we would never see it back.

Last edited by Stuart23 - on 23 October 2020

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