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How good do you think the Switch's year was in terms of 1st party game output?

IMO, I think this year was somewhat underwhelming, the only Major new 1st party game release we got this year was Animal Crossing and Nintendo pretty much left that game to carry the rest of the year, felt similar to 2018 where Nintendo wanted Smash to do the heavy carrying for a weaker 2018. 2020 was better than 2018 imo. However, I would still expect a little more in terms of new major games this year, which I can't really blame Nintendo so much since the pandemic definitely slowed them down this year.

-This year we got Animal Crossing which became a global phenomenon and made Switch sales soar, which is definitely a major game for a ton of people and sold like crazy. However, me personally I don't care about Animal Crossing and it isn't really my cup of tea, so I was left dealing with a long drought without major game releases for the 1st half of 2020. I'll still give Nintendo points for Animal Crossing tho cause objectively speaking it is a major game for most people.

-We also got Xenoblade remaster, which is an excellent game. However, Xenoblade doesn't really interest me or most people either as it is primarily a niche title that sells around 2 Million at best, plus its a remaster of an old game so it shouldn't really be considered a major game like that.

-51 Clubhouse Games is simple and cool, but again its far from major and really felt like a filler title.

-While I personally love the Paper Mario series and imo I do consider Origami King a major title for me that I did enjoy. I agree Paper Mario never been an extremely popular franchise usually selling less than 5 Million each entry, so objectively speaking I wouldn't consider it major.

-3D All Stars you could argue is major, but then again they're just HD ports of older games so I'll let you to decide if it's major. For me personally I guess it's big since my favorite franchise of all time is 3D Mario, but idk...

-Pikmin 3 DX, isn't major

-and having Age of Calamity as a holiday title just doesn't seem right to me, this is all subjective but a spin-off sort of Zelda game isn't really a holiday caliber title tbh.

So all in all, I 'll give this year a C.