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sales2099 said:

Allies as in your spending on Steam funnels into the Xbox division, fuelling MSs warchest of IPs and revenue. We be gaming step-brothers haha 

Hypothetically speaking, the only way Gabe would agree to anything is if A. The price is right and B. MS only adds to Steam, not take anything away/make it worse. Like adding Game Pass onto Steam would be a great addition. Having a tab on Steam for Xbox Studio titles wouldn’t be a big deal, due to the sheer volume of titles available. Valve IPs going on Game Pass wouldn’t affect you, only add value. 

I never implied to say my hopes supersede yours. But the idea that PC gamers would be involuntarily “conscripted” into the console war is an amusing thought. 

How would adding gamepass on Steam be a great addition for Valve?

Steam makes money of sales, suckering you into buying stuff most of which you will never really play anyway. A subscription service would take away from that. I'm sure they did the math already and there is no Steam gamepass...

Steam has the upper hand, the windows store is not popular by PC gamers to say the least. Any association with the windows store will only hurt Steam. The crap MS did with FS2020 on Steam did not go over well (It just downloads an installer and you're still stuck with the awful windows installer while game time adds up on Steam, which created a huge headache with the refund system)

I don't see much of a partnership happening. The only thing I can think of is to have Valve Index on Series X and MS studios making games for it.