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Captain_Yuri said:

One of the reasons why I buy my games on PC instead if given the choice. Don't care if I have a 1080 or a 3090, games will work and they will look fap worthy with newer hardware.

With that being said, I do like when a console has BC. If you have a Ps5 that's BC and a Ps5 that's not BC for less money, I'd pick the Ps5 that's BC. But at the end of the day, we are buying new consoles for the new games so while it's nice to have, it's never the key reason.

That is the main reason why I love steam and am so against all digital on consoles, until they can make it like steam where your collection is tied to your account and not a system each gen.

Backwards compatibility was a non issue on consoles because they were plug and play and become retro consoles. From PS360 onwards, they become closer to PC, in terms of needing installs, patches and content updates.  This effectively made them useless as retro consoles as the online services shutdown for those systems it meant you could not get patches anymore. 

So now we are stuck in this loop of research before you buy a console game to ensure it ain't totally broken without patches, or do you go PC, or do you scream I want backwards compatibility lol.